Tips to improve your session

Here is a few tips that can help to improve your session or even that next selfie.

Moisturize! Dry lips and flaking skin may look great on a zombie but it wont look good in your portraits. The dry air we have here in Colorado, especially in the winter, is super hard on the skin. When preparing for your session don't forget to drink plenty of water and moisturize you skin.

If you are being photographed with someone else, coordinate your wardrobe. You don't all have to wear the same thing, just look like you “GO” together.

Practice! Practice posing in your mirror. See how you look best.  

Try different facial expressions . One technique that some models use is to make very subtle vowel sounds with their lips. AHH.. EEE.. OOO... UUU it's a little silly, but it can really add a lot to a photo.

Relax. We carry the most tension in our face, shoulders and hands Do your best to relax them.

Clenching your jaw can add extra weight to the sides of their face.

Try “smiling” with your eyes.

Part your lips to show just a tiny bit of teeth  (breath in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth)

Try tilting your head to either side or tilting your chin up or down. See what looks best to you.

Push your face forward and chin down (hides double chins). It feels ridiculous, but it works I promise.

Frame your face with your hands. Keep flat side of hand sideways to the camera.

Staggered ballet hands look best (relax your hands, lightly spreading the fingers, slightly bent at the joints.)

Shoulders play a crucial role in framing the face. Just raising one shoulder higher than another will add dimension and strength to the image.

Follow your nose with your eyes. It reduces the amount of white in the eye and eliminates the awkward over rotating eyeball.

Putting your hands on your hips make your waist appear smaller. Cinching you fingers towards the navel can make it appear even smaller.

Chin up! Keeping the chin up, makes a large forehead look smaller, while elongating the neck.

A knee turned in,  gives shape to your body.

Look through magazines or on the web and get ideas. Bring them to your shoot. The more input you give us, the better we'll be able to shoot your shots the way you want.