Prep and timeline for your shoot

2-3 Weeks before your shoot

A big part of the fun of a photo session is planning your wardrobe.
A great way to plan is to start a private mood board on Pinterest or flip through some of your favorite magazines for ideas.
Grab a style savvy friend to help give you a hand.
I highly recommend before you hitting the boutique shops, shop your own closet, or maybe even your best friend’s closet.
Be creative! The most important thing is choosing clothing that you feel comfortable and makes you look drop-dead gorgeous.
While stepping out a bit is a lot of fun, don't choose pieces too far out of your comfort zone.
Pick pieces that highlight your curves and flatters your figure. Let your personality shine though and just have fun.

A few days before your shoot

Drink plenty of water from now until the day of your shoot for plump radiant skin.
If you wax, do so a few days before your shoot to avoid redness and bumpiness.
Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed.
Splurge for a manicure and a pedicure for a flawless finish.
Ex-foliate face and body for glowing skin, or pamper yourself with a facial and/or body wrap.
Try on all of your wardrobe to make sure everything fits perfectly and is accessorized properly.
Start packing your shoot bag.
Steam or iron garments and hang them.
The evening before your shoot
Bathe, shave & moisturize.
Pack your foundation and any favorite lipsticks, mascaras or eye shadow pallets.
(avoid the glitter - matte makeup is preferable)
Double check that everything is packed and ready for your shoot so you don't forget anything.
Relax and enjoy a nice quiet stress free night
Plan for a good night sleep -8 hours is ideal.

The day of your shoot

Use clear deodorant please
Wear loose fitting clothes to your shoot to avoid lines and red marks.
No jeans, tight underwear, or socks.
Eat something light, but filling.
Arrive with clean hair and moisturized skin.
Leave early enough to arrive without rushing.