What to bring to your shoot

Bring 5-6 Outfits
Your portraits should be a reflection of you. Choose outfits you love!
Think of those special pieces you might not wear often, because they’re impractical for day-to-day use, or the go-to blouse you always wear when you’re going somewhere nice.  

Fit Your Form
Fitted clothing that shows your shape work best for photographs. Skip the billowy clothing. While it might be flattering in person, it will not be slimming in camera. This applies to any body type. Choose outfits that will hug your curves, especially your waist, hips, arms, and chest.

A good fitting, strapless, nude colored bra and panties are always great to have. Especially if you will be showing your shoulders, or wearing anything sheer or see-through.

Something Dark and Something Light
Bring at least one dark outfit or top. Black, Navy or Charcoal. For your light outfit, think angelic. Soft, gauzy, maybe even layered and sheer. It doesn't have to be white, you could go with cream, nude, or light pink.

Something Fun/Whimsical
This outfit is your chance to really show your personal style. If you tend toward more conservative tastes, choose a different adjective. Instead of "Whimsical”, try Structured, Soft, Elegant, or Formal.

Avoid Prints
Patterns and prints are distracting. We want people to look at you when they see your portrait, and even the most beautiful print can steal that attention.

Don't for get the props. Props can really pull your session together and help tell your story.